Facing The Crises: A Manifesto For Socialist Revolution


Humanity faces a combination of crises unprecedented in history. Despite the vast wealth and unparalleled technology at our disposal, hundreds of millions are condemned to poverty, oppression and famine. From Europe to Asia, the world’s great powers are preparing openly for war. Overshadowing all this is the accelerating disaster of runaway climate change. None of this is natural or inevitable. All these threats originate in the world’s economic system—capitalism. Instead of organising production to satisfy the needs of people and planet, capitalist production is guided solely by the interests of those who own the world’s resources, markets, factories and farms. This impulse to compete for profit produces economic anarchy, military conflict, and, slowly but surely, undermines the natural basis for life itself.

The need to overthrow the rule of the capitalists and chart a course out of this cycle of barbarism has never been more urgent. This programme, standing in the revolutionary tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, draws on the legacy of the communist movement and the lessons of recent struggles to chart a strategy for the working class to seize power for itself and build a new society based on social ownership and democratic planning.