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Fifth International: 22


Issue 22 of Fifth International Journal.

The Four CrisesClimate, Pandemic, Economy and War

All That Xi WantsChina’s President Charts New Course

Afghanistan’s AgonyWestern Sanctions Trigger Economic Collapse

Civil War in EthiopiaRival Elites Battle For Control

Healthcare and/or HighwaysBiden Offers ‘Build Back Better’ à la Carte

Reaction and Resistance in BrazilA Programme of Working Class Action

Black ReparationsA Socialist Contribution To The Debate

Dirty TalkDSA Clings to Democrats

The Chinese Communist Party at 100Contesting the Centenary

32 Counties by Kieran AllenA Review

Imprint: League for the Fifth International
Published: 01/12/2021
ISSN:  1742-2221
Length: 76 Pages
Dimensions: 254mm x 178mm
Weight: 176g
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